Ease into Eastern Flavors with Maya

Hello east cuisine lover!

Welcome to East Culinary, a food and recipe blog!

I love cooking since I was 12 years old. I would say kitchen is my happy place.

Every time when I come to kitchen, I can’t hold myself to do cooking.

Cooking is fun when you know how to cook, right? Don’t worry….wether I’m here for you.

I’ll guide you

Once upon time my mother told me if you want to have a delicious food, do not afraid to put ingredients. So basically, the key to cooking is never afraid of ingredients. keep in mind!

The more you creative the more you can improve yourself pro like a Chef.

Have you ever heard Nasi Goreng?

My favorite seafood fried rice all time

Of course!

The famous dish from Indonesia. Nasi goreng is the first food that I’m able to cook. The funniest thing when I was child, I’m very convenience said to my mom and neighborhood, someday I’ll open restaurant but in fact maintaining a restaurant isn’t that easy and pretty expensive I realized when I’m adult.

Instead of restaurant why don’t just a create recipes and share with you?

Since I made differences of food I would like to share it.

Every time i cooked I got compliment from my Husband.

your food is delicious

and from that I have an idea to create food blog that’s the idea come from.

I hope you enjoy reading my story and have fun in the kitchen!